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Fellow Researchers, if you found this site searching on a family name, there may be something here of interest to you. Through my father, the primary family lines are Hopkins and River (or Larivière); through my mother, Saemann and Nickel. Dozens of other related families, for which we have more or less data, have gotten us to where we are.

Please step on in. It�s not all stripped down, bare bones family trees and genealogy charts. As the website grows, and I work on it almost daily, one will see my entire archive of photographs; important family letters in my possession; documents important to the family; family biographies, biographical summaries; poetry; short location studies, the entire book of one of our ancestresses, eventually GEDCOM files. And I'll even be exposing a few family stories that over the years have turned into myth and legend, and others no one's ever heard about before.

Bryan Henry River

My Grandfather
Louis Philip River I

His Parents:
Joseph Augustin Larivière
Catherine McMahon

Other families include: Buteau, Hand, Morin, Parent, Pépin-Lachance, Poirier, Vérieul/Veilleux, and several others.

Joann Saemann

My Grandfather
Franklin Isaac Saemann

His Parents:
John Michael Saemann
Catherine Brazelton

Other families include: Baumann, Borden, B�chle, Carper, Crawford, G�rtner, Grimm, Koch, Lemley, Lucas, Peck, Pidgeon, Shepherd, Wilson, Winters, and several others.

My Grandmother
Amy Hopkins

Her Parents:
Walter Leslie Hopkins
Ellen Roche

Other families include: Ashley, Ball, Bigelow, Blachly, Blossom, Brigham, Bronson, Buckley, Butler, Coe, Cooper, Dewey, Dickerson, Dodd, Drake, Driner/Drainer, Fitz Randolph, French, Fuller, Gibbs, Glover, Graves, Hawes, Hickox, Homes, Knapp, Larkin, Leonard, Loomis, Manning, Mapes, Olmstead, Orton, Miller, Newton, Philbrook, Pratt, Reeve, Robinson, Rushmore, Stites, Trotter, Upson, Ventris/Ventrus, Wick, Walker, Williams, Wooden, Woodruff, and many others.

My Grandmother
Laura Charlotte Nickel

Her Parents:
John Francis Birch/Burch
Mary Althea Griffin

Other families include: Bates, Birdwell, Blott, Boltwood, Dewey, Burch/Birch, Epperson, Hawes, Kellogg, Lewis, Martin, Montague, Noble, Phelps, Pynchon, Randall, Saxton, Sheldon, Smith, Terry, Warner, Warriner, Whiting, Woodford, and Wyllys.

My Children
Laura, Emily, and Lisa
and Their Families

DEDICATION of Dad's Side

as the River-Hopkins Family Genealogist

DEDICATION of Mom's Side

as the Saemann-Nickel Family Genealogist

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