This website is dedicated to

  • Louis P. River I - my Grandfather River
  • Amy Hopkins River - my Grandmother River
    Neither of whom did I ever know, but about whom I have learned much. You will, too, as you read about them in the pages to follow.
  • Louis P. River II - my uncle and genealogical mentor - and all his siblings
    As my cousin Don wrote, "It was always a pleasure--and a privilege--to listen to them, no matter what the subject matter." And often the subject matter was the family. They were close and supportive of one another, "successful in their marriages, their rootedness and solidity. Their parents passed values to them which they were able to live by, but which they did not or could not pass down to our generation." Oops....!!
  • Mildred Lamoreaux McVea - my Hopkins 2nd cousin once removed, a kindred spirit
    With whom I've had many delightful hours discussing Eliza Ann Woodruff Hopkins, Eliza's lineage, her husband and her sons Rienzi and Walter. Rienzi was Mildred's grandfather; Walter was my great-grandfather. And because of Mildred, I have met some of my 3rd cousins, and my daughter has met one of her 4th cousins. Mildred located Eliza Ann's autobiographical "story" and book of poetry, and sent a copy to Uncle Louie. She gave me a tintype of my Great-Grampa Hopkins, and voluminous genealogical research records on the Woodruff lineage prepared, gratis, by a friend of her sister. Passed down in Mildred's family is a bundle of Hopkins letters and a little wooden box of notes, all of which will be published on this site. We both had the same idea regarding Eliza Ann's body of work, and it is my goal to carry out our plans. She also contributed much more, which you can read about as you explore the pages about Eliza Ann Woodruff Hopkins.
  • Don
    Who has helped me so much with aspects of the Hopkins genealogy that I never seemed to have the time or interest in doing. I would have waited till I had everything else before tackling the subjects he tackled. He's done a lot of foot work and, to me, boring newspaper research re. politics and civic things going on in Joliet during our Hopkins' tenure there. He's a writer, so he has a knack for the logical thinking and reading between the lines. He's tried to track Eliza and Charles Hopkins as they moved around in northern Illinois, all because in her autobiography she made up names and place names "to protect the living" [of her generation] and never told anyone who was who or where was where. He has tracked down, photocopied and transcripted dozens of Eliza Ann's newspaper "pieces" from Illinois to Massachusetts.
  • Trudy
    For sharing the text of the remaining three (of six) diaries of our common great-grandfather, Walter Hopkins, and who always has an interest in the genealogy.
  • Mike & Tony
    Mike, for caring for the Civil War artifacts passed down to him, by putting them in the Oakland Museum for all to enjoy.
    Mike and Tony, for putting our Great Uncle Vince Hopkins's ashes into the San Andreas, California, gravesite of his father, in the middle of a dark night.
  • Brin and Celeste
    For being interested.
  • My husband, Jim
    Thank you. For allowing me all the time I have ever needed:
    • to formulate, compose, and write hundreds of research letters;
    • to spend whole days of vacation time in libraries in strange towns;
    • in the courthouse basement amongst the cobwebs going through 100-year old boxes of rolled-up papers, while he kept "the littles" occupied;
    • to ask questions of local farmers, map in hand, so that we find the exact quadrant, of the exact section, of the exact township and range, of ancestors' lands and then to take pictures;
    • to tramp over cemeteries looking for "our stones";
    • and when we got home, to pour over the notebooks for days;
    • to sort through my logical piles of stuff spread out on the floor, sometimes for a week;
    • to go over hundreds of photographs and xeroxed documents with a magnifying glass;
    • to pull it all together on the typewriter or computer;
    • to build the genealogy web pages.

    [And she calls this FUN?] It fascinates him that our family is as "together" as it is, and that we have such an interest in all this stuff.

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