Inventory £312-01-06

The children:
Jacob Brunson, Isaac Brunson, Mary Ellis, John Brunson, Abraham Brunson, Dorcas Hopkins, Sarah Kilbourn.

Court Record, pg. 32
2 December 1680: Invt.

Now exhibited in Court by Jacob & Isaac Brunson & Dorcas Hopkins. This Court grant Administration to the Children of the Decedent and appoint Marshall Grave to assist them in the division. There being no will made by the deceased, and finding the sayd John Brunson had in his lifetime allotted to his foure sonns each of them a fifth part of his landes in Farmington, This Court confirms the same to them and to their heires forever; & whereas John had received short of his Brothers £8, it is considered in the distribution, as also what his daughters have formerly received, and the distribution as followeth:

  • To Jacob Brunson, Eldest son £72-00-00

  • To John Brunson £44-17-00

  • To Isaac Brunson £36-17-00

  • To Abraham Brunson £36-17-00

  • To Mary, Eldest daughter £35-16-00

  • To Dorcas £41-16-00

  • To Sarah £45-16-00

And this Court orders that there be payd towards the maintenance of the Widdow, yearly, the sum of £10 in good current pay, during her natural life, to be paid by the children in proportion, and more if necessity arise.

Vol. X, pg. 179 — 4 March 1727/28:

Whereas it is represented to this Court by George Kilbourn, Thomas Hopkins, John Bracy, Daniel Steele & Hezekiah Hopkins, Heirs by marriage and descent from John Brunson, formerly of Farmington, decd, that there is considerable Estate in Land of the sd Decd that has not yet been Distributed, and necessary to be apprised in order to be Distributed to and among the heirs of sd. John Brunson, This Court grant Administration on the sd. Real Estate which has not yet been Distributed unto the sd. Thomas Hopkins and John Bracy, and order that they make an Inventory Thereof and exhibit the same to this Court as soon as may be, for Distribution.

The document resides at the Connecticut Archives. There is a patch over the listing of the land which makes it impossible to read some of it. Some of the old handwriting is very difficult to read. Considering that the paper is well over 300 years old, it is in excellent shape. Although the inventory is for John “Brunson”, the children’s names written on the side are Jacob Brownsonn, John Brownsonn, Isaac Brownsonn, Abraham Brownsonn, Mary Ellis, Dorcas Hopkins, and Sarah Kilbourn. Note that John’s possessions were in three locations: Farmington, Mattatuck and Hartford.

£ - s. - d.
parcill woollen And Linen06-10-00
one fether Bed Bedsted & boulster & one Blancket all03-06-00
one flock Bed Bedsted And Blancket one pillow all02-02-00
25 Sheets A tablecloath & 13 Napkins one Chest & two boxes09-12-00
By Brass05-05-00
2 Iron pots tongs ... pothooks a spit and A
Smoothing Iron

working tools07-04-00
hoops Box of Chains a plow & Irons and sum other things
Belonging to ye Items

old Iron00-09-00
A ... A trowell And Grinston05-05-00
A ... Spade ... pilleon a saddle and Shoeing Knife00-17-00
woodenware earthenware & sum
other things

Barrell Tubs Cheesepots and Churns03-02-00
One Boulster 2 tablecloathes And Towels00-06-00
One fan 3 wheels A Chaire And two Chests01-01-00
4 swine05-15-00
two tables one Bedsted 2 chaires And sum other things01-09-00
one Box And Books00–04-00
A how fork tines and old iron05-06-00
Neat Catle14-00-00
6 Sheep02-11-00
two barrells of sider00-16-00
one horse01-05-00
1 far pinchers frying pan and sum other things00-16-00
One Bed and furniture08-00-00
Sheets 3 pillow coates03-02-00
Eight Napkins00-08-00
A warming pan00-15-00
one Bras Skillet A Smoothing Iron00-05-00
5 pieces of pewter00-08-00
2 G[l]ass botles00-02-00
one Chest & one barell00-08-00
one Black Cow04-00-00
one Dun Cow03-00-00
4 plaine stock with Iron And A File00-08-00
3 Augors And A Rest00-05-00
A sweybill00-08-00
A plow Stock Irons And Chisell00-04-00
A pitt Saw tiller & box00-08-00
one small fether Bed01-04-00
two years ...02-15-00
one Calfe01-00-00
5 Sheep01-15-00
Eight Swine05-15-00
Eight Barrell of Sider03-04-00
A Grubing how And other things00-06-00
one house And Homested all80-00-00
An other orchard ye New one And ye Land Joyning to it50-00-00
.... Eighty Acors Comonly fore Catle14-00-00
Eight Acors of medow adj. Nod20-00-00
ye ... & housings At Nod30-00-00
ye Land at ye Great Swamp07-00-00
ye Land Laid out in ye woods01-10-00
Land nott yett Laid out01-10-00
tottell£ 312-01-06