In my pre-computer research, I added to my files data from Stiles’ History of Ancient Wethersfield, Manwaring’s Early Connecticut Probate Records, and my own John Hopkins of Cambridge, 1634, and Some of His Descendants, by Timothy Hopkins.

While preparing my Butler page, I was surfing the web in March of 2008, and came Butler genealogies which contain some of the same information, but also additional, different, data. See website links below.

I don’t consider what I offer here to be the “be-all-end-all” resource for our Butler genealogy. You can compare it with your own research or others, and do with it what you like. There are many questions and unsubstantiated data regarding the early Butlers. I leave my genealogy of Butlers open for additions, correction, and further notation.

The list of Richard’s children presented in The History of Ancient Wethersfield was somewhat inadequate for my taste as the author listed “born about” birth years in staggered order, males first, then females. Yet for the third generation, he did not do so. Several of the Butler genealogies on the internet do the same; in addition, they give different arrangements of the birth years.

Loomis Family genealogy website (publisher unknown) states that Elizabeth Olmstead’s husband Samuel, was the son of Richard Butler and Elizabeth (Bigelow) Butler.

The list in The Bigelow Family Genealogy lists the first four of Richard Butler’s children as issue of his unknown first wife; the remaining four children as those of Elizabeth Bigelow. The Bigelow Society website lists the children the same, but does state that the Butler descendants claim that all of the children descend from Richard and Elizabeth Bigelow.

I have chosen the list presented by The Butler Family of Cromwell, Conn. This list states Richard was twice married; but attributes all children as those of Elizabeth Bigelow. I disqualify their statement that Elizabeth (Bigelow) Butler was buried in the 1650’s, for one reason, as they don’t cite a source, and she did leave a nuncuputive will dated 1691.


Some controversy exists over both the name of Samuel’s wife, and her date of birth. I.e.,

  1. Booth (pg. 114; see below) states Samuel’s wife was named “Mary,” and dates her birth as 20 November 1642.

  2. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 16 (Jan 1862)
    Citation on pg. 17, states: “Butler, Ensigne Samuel, decon of ye church at Wethersfield, deceased Dec 31, 1692, the last day of ye week, ye last day of the month, ye last day of ye year, and as he had said, soe it proved, ye last day of his life, Elizabeth his wife d. Oct 12, 1681.”

  3. Olmsted Family genealogy says that Elizabeth was the last child, and gives no birth date, or name of husband.
    “Mary Olmsted” was born on 20 November 1646, and died the same year.

  4. Loomis Family genealogy website (publisher unknown) states that Samuel married both:
    (1) Elizabeth Olmstead (b. 20 Nov 1642 at Wethersfield; died 12 Oct 1681 at Wethersfield and...

    (2) Mary Olmstead (b. 20 Nov 1646 at Hartford; died 17 October 1681 at Hartford.

    The source for both these marriages is The Barbour Collection (see below, under Wilmes). [I have concluded that this is ridiculous information.]


Richard Butler-Elizabeth Bieglow Page, website by Diana Gale Matthiesen.
Richard’s first two children were by the unknown first wife (Hannah Banbury?); the remainder of the children, including our Samuel, were by Elizabeth Bigelow.

The Butler Family of Cromwell, Conn..
This is my preferred site. This group states Richard was twice married; but attributes all children as those of Elizabeth Bigelow. They also state “as shown above, she is listed as dying in 1691, but being buried in the 1650’s.” The “as shown above” is simply that, and doesn’t cite the source. Send comments, corrections and requests to cb-info @cromwellbutlers. com.

Richard Butler Genealogy, by Teresa Martin Klaiber, January 2005. Seen online 19 March 2008.
Has many inconsistent dates and names. No source documentation. Do not recommend this site.

A Loomis genealogy website
The publisher of this genealogy remains anonymous. The site states that Elizabeth Olmstead’s husband Samuel, was the son of Richard Butler and Elizabeth (Bigelow) Butler. It also states that Samuel married both Elizabeth and Mary Olmstead, sisters, citing The Barbour Collection as reference, see above under Wilmes.

Bigelow Family Genealogy, by Albert D. Hart, Jr.

Bigelow Society Website
Richard’s first four children (including our Samuel) by unknown first wife; last four children by Elizabeth Bigelow.


Booth, Charles Edwin. One Branch of the Booth Family Showing the Lines of Connection with One Hundred Massachusetts Bay Colonists (New York, NY: Charles E. Booth, 1910) pg. 114.

Stiles, Henry R., and S.W. Adams, The History of Ancient Wethersfield (New York : Grafton Press, 1904). At SLC FHL 974.62/W2 H2as 1990 v. 1. “Butler”, see Vol. I, pg. 256; Vol. II, pgs. 170-173.

Wilmes, Debra F., comp. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.) “Wethersfield 1634 - 1868”. For birthdate of Elizabeth and Mary Olmstead, spouses(?) of Samuel Butler.

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