Generation 1
ROBERT DRAKE (b. 1580)

Generation 2
CAPT. FRANCIS DRAKE (mar. Mary Walker)

Generation 3
JOHN DRAKE I (mar. Rebecca Trotter)

Generation 4
ABRAHAM DRAKE I (mar. Deliverance Wooden)

Generation 5

Generation 6
COL. JACOB DRAKE (mar. Esther Dickerson)

Generation 7
CLARISSA DRAKE (mar. Dr. Ebenezer Woodruff)

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Generation 1

ROBERT DRAKE was born about 1580. He resided at one time in Colchester, Essex, England, from whence he probably emigrated to America.

Emigrating with him were three sons and a daughter.

He may have been a brother of John Drake of Windsor, Connecticut. But Robert settled at Exeter, New Hampshire, about 1643.

In 1651, Robert removed to Hampton, New Hampshire. Many others were doing the same.

Robert was in 1654 a Selectman of the village of Hampton. By trade, he was a sergemaker. To learn about sergemaking, see my article: sergemaking.


Robert may have been the grandson of Robert Drake, the Martyr, Minister of Thundersley, County Essex, in England, who was burned at the stake in the reign of Queen Mary (see End Notes).

Nothing is known about Robert's wife.

He dated his Last Will and Testament on 5 May 1663. It was probated 11 April 1668.

Generation 2

FRANCIS DRAKE was born about 1615. The noted colonial biographer, Savage, states that Francis Drake "is supposed to be a son of Robert Drake, although [was] not named in his will”.

According to the McVea Family group records, he is recorded as being:
of Devon, England or County Meath, Ireland; then of Exeter, New Hampshire; and later, of Hampton, New Hampshire (1650).

In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Francis had house-lot on Roger Knight's Island in 1654.

He was still there in 1663 where he is found on the grand jury juror. He was a Proprietor in 1664.

Francis Drake mar. MARY WALKER. They sold land in Greenland, New Hampshire, on 5 August 1668.

Francis and Mary, with their children, probably removed to New Jersey near or shortly after selling their land in New Hampshire. Some Drakes stayed in the area, for there was an Abraham Drake (1715-1781), an officer in the New Hampshire militia that served with the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

He was called “Captain Francis Drake” of Piscataway (NJ). It is unknown how he got the title.

The will of Capt. Francis Drake was written on 29 September 1687 in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Some details are as follows:

  • 28 October 1687 - Administration on the estate was granted to his son, George Drake of Piscataway. George posted his bond as administrator on the same date, along with Benjamin Hull of the same place, gentleman, as fellow bondsman.

  • On 20 August 1688, George Drake presented an accounting of the estate, showing payments to brothers Hugh Dun and John Drake, in all for £62-14-4.

  • On 27 February 1692/3, George Drake made an accounting of payments from the estate to his mother, sister Elesebeth Dun, brother John Drake, Samuel Walker of Boston, merchant, Benjamin Hull, Charles Follet, Walter Robeson, Hugh Stonnels and John Goning, in all for £68-3-6.

  • Benjamin Hull was husband of Capt. Drake's grand-daughter, Sarah Drake.
    Inventory of the personal estate (£67-7-0) was made by Beniah Hull and Edward Slater.

(all born in New Hampshire)

  1. George Drake was born about 1651.

  2. JOHN DRAKE was born about 1653. He married Rebecca Trotter. He died in 1739.

  3. Elizabeth Drake was born about 1654. [She must have married Hugh Dun, as mentioned in her father's Will.]

Generation 3

JOHN DRAKE was born about 1653 in New Hampshire. He moved to New Jersey with his parents about 1668.

John married REBECCA TROTTER. It is possible he had two other wives after Rebecca's death (names are unknown).

John Drake was named in his father's will.

He preached from the beginning of the settlement in 1677 at Piscataway, New Jersey, but was not ordained until 1689 and then served for fifty years as Pastor of the Baptist Church in Piscataway, until his death.

He served his community as a “civil magistrate”. His death occurred in 1739.


John Drake, Sen'r., yeoman, of Essex County, New Jersey, wrote his Will on 7 April 1740. The Abstract of Mr. Drake’s will mentions the following individuals:

Children: Benjamin, Isaac, Abraham, Samuel and Sarah Fulson.
Grandchildren: Abraham, John, Philip, and Gershom Drake; Samuel, Thomas and Mary Davis (children of deceased daughter, Mary).
Others: Daughter-in-law, Patience Drake; Edward Slater; Allizhiah Skebbo; Elizabeth (wife of Benjamin Hull, Esq.); Fillratea (wife of Benjamin Martain); Moses FitzRandolph; Christian Rebout; and the poor of Piscataqua.
Executors: Grandsons, Samuel and Jonas Drake, and their mother, Hannah Drake.
Witnesses: James Manning, Grace Manning, David Drake.

The Will was proved on 29 September 1741. The next day, 30 September 1741, Hannah Drake [probably the wife of Isaac Drake, the Testator's son Isaac], renounced the executorship, on account of age and other inability. Witnesses to this were John Blackford, Jun'r., and Jacob Thorp. The Inventory, made by David Sutton, was valued at £5-3-0.


  1. John Drake, b. in 1678. He mar. Sarah Compton.

  2. Francis Drake, b. in 1679. He mar. Patience Walker. The Will of Patience Drake, written 21 February 1759, names children and grandchildren; gives a set of curtains; apparel, sheets, etc.; Bible; silver headed cane; and money. Her will was abstracted in detail in New Jersey Colonial Documents: Calendar of Wills 1761-1770, pg, 121.

  3. Samuel Drake, b. 1680. He mar. Elizabeth Hull.

  4. Joseph Drake, b. 21 Oct 1681. Joseph Drake, father of at least five children, was born 21 October 1681. After his last son, Philip, was born, Joseph joined Colonel Thomas Farmer's First New Jersey Regiment and was never heard from again. He had the following children:

    • Ebenezer Drake, b. 1 Jan 1703/4 at Piscataway, NJ; mar. in Piscataway, NJ on 11 Nov 1723 Anne Dunn (b. 28 Mar 1704/5).
    • Joseph Drake, b. 7 July 1705 in Piscataway, NJ; mar. ca. 1725, Ruth Fitz Randolph (b. 11 Jun 1706.
    • Mary Drake, b. 25 Sep 1709 in Piscataway, NJ; mar. 23 Oct 1729 in Piscataway, NJ, John Dunham (b. 8 July 1705).
    • Ann Drake, b. 4 Mar 1712.
    • Phillip Drake, b. 19 Jun 1715; mar. ca. 1736, Christiana Dunn. He died 1742; she died after 1742.

  5. Benjamin Drake, b. in April 1683. He married (1) Mary Runyon; (2) Hannah Dunham Stott (?); and (3) Hannah Seabrooke.

  6. ABRAHAM DRAKE I was born April of 1685. He married Deliverance Wooden. He died about 1763.

  7. Sarah Drake, b. 1686. She mar. (1) Benjamin Hull; (2) Mr. Dunham; and (3) Israel Fulsom. See First Settlers Piscataway & Woodbridge. Benjamin Hull was an administrator of the will of Sarah's grandfather, Capt. Francis Drake. His own will was dated 7 June 1731. Benjamin Hull, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ, yeoman. Sons: Benjamin, Trustram, Jacob, Reuben, Meshach, and Joseph. Real and personal estate. Executors: wife Sarah, Joseph Fitz Randolph and John Skillman. Witnesses: Ben. Hull, Hugh Dunn, Abraham Drake, Jun'r., and Rachel Drake. The will was proved on 4 January 1733. See Lib. B, pg. 478. Abstracted in New Jersey Colonial Documents: Calendar of Wills, 1730-1750, pg. 254.

  8. Isaac Drake, b. 10 Jan 1687/8. He married Hannah Blackford. [Hannah was named in her father-in-law's will (Rev. John Drake).] They had children:

    • Samuel Drake (1716-1783).
    • Jonas Drake (b. ca. 1717).
    • Daniel Drake (b. ca. 1718/19).
    • Isaac Drake (1720-1756).
    • Nathaniel Drake (1725-1801), bur. Scotch Plains Baptist Church. He mar. Dorothy Retan.
    • Hannah Drake; mar. George Laing. [Samuel and Jonas Drake, along with their mother, Hannah, were named in their grandfather's will (Rev. John Drake).]

  9. Jacob Drake, b. 1690. He married Christian Molleson.

  10. Ebenezer Drake, b. 1693.

  11. Ephraim Drake, b. 1694/5. He married Mercy Platt.

  12. Rebecca Drake, b. 1697.

  13. Abigail Drake, b. 1699.

  14. Mary Drake, b. ca. 1700. She (1) unknown; (2) (-) Hull; and (3) Thomas Davis.

Generation 4


At about age 50 (1734) and in 1740, Abraham Drake I was at Pepack, Sommerset County, New Jersey.

Abraham bought land in Drakesville, Roxbury Twp, Morris County, New Jersey, in 1751.

Abraham and Deliverance (Wooden) had at least four sons who were named in Abraham's will. Their eldest son, Abraham II died before 1759 (the date of Abraham I’s will).


He wrote his Will on 28 July 1759 at Roxbury [Twp], New Jersey, stating he was Abraham Drake, of Roxbury Twp, Morris County, New Jersey.

In his will he mentions the following persons and bequests:

Grandsons: Abraham and Jacob, the sons of my son Abraham, all my lands and grist mill. And they are to pay to my:
Eldest son, Nathaniel: 29 shillings; and to my
Son, Jacob: 10 shillings; and to my
Son, Elisha: £40.
Executors: my said grandsons.
Witnesses: William Boyd, Thomas Throckmorton, John Van Tuyl [related through the Coursens, see The Woodruffs of New Jersey, pp. 94ff.].

The Will was proved on 6 May 1763.

Lib. 11, pg. 456. Abstracted in New Jersey Colonial Documents: Calendar of Wills, 1761-1770, pg. 120.


  1. Nathaniel Drake. Nathaniel was in Roxbury Twp, Morris County, New Jersey by 1748/49.

  2. ABRAHAM DRAKE II. He died before 1759.

  3. Jacob Drake.

  4. Elisha Drake.

Generation 5

Little is known about Abraham Drake II. Nothing is known about his marriage.


Abraham Drake II's name appears on a list of 18th Century Freeholders of "Roxberey" Township, taken in 1752 at Morris County, New Jersey.

He is named in the will of his father, Abraham I. He appears also in the will of Benjamin Hull (1731) with Rachel Drake.

Abraham Drake II died in Piscataway or Drakesville (Roxbury Township) before his father's will was written in 1759.


  1. Abraham Drake III.

  2. JACOB DRAKE. He married (1) Charity Young; and (2) Esther Dickerson. He died in 1823 at Drakesville, Morris County, New Jersey.

Generation 6

JACOB DRAKE was born at Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey, on 21 April 1730.

Jacob came to Morris county as a young man and built the hotel in Drakeville. Jacob’s name appears on a list of 18th Century Freeholders of "Roxberey" Township, taken in 1752 at Morris County, New Jersey.

He is described as of handsome physique, quick and active in his movements, and of very popular manners.


Drakeville was named after Col. Jacob Drake. He became one of the early settlers there on a tract of some 500 acres on which he spent the remainder of his life. The original land was a farm of 200 acres purchased by Ebenezer Drake in 1759; a part of the great Boynton tract of 3,314 acres taken up by Joseph Pigeon on 8 October 1718.

Click on the link to read my page on: Drakeville, New Jersey.


In 1774-75, Jacob Drake, as also his father-in-law, Capt. Dickerson, had been appointed one of the “Committee of Observation” (or “Correspondence”). This committee could also be known as the “Committee of Safety”.

At the breaking out of the Revolutionary War, Jacob Drake took at once a leading part. He served as a colonel of the Western Regiment of the New Jersey Militia.

In May and September of 1775, Jacob was appointed a deputy in the Provincial Legislature that was convened in December, at which point he resigned his regimental commission. The Provincial Legislature was replaced in 1776 by the state convention for the State of New Jersey where Jacob was one of the framers of the state constitution.


Jacob Drake married (1) Charity Young. She was born about 1744. She and Jacob had a daughter before her death (at age 32) on 26 Oct 1776. Nothing more is at present known of these.

He then married (2) ESTHER DICKERSON, as her 2d husband on either 13 December 1781. She was born on 22 March 1757, the daughter of Peter II and Ruth (Coe) Dickerson.

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Esther had first married on 2 October 1774, George King (1745-1780), of Morristown, New Jersey.

Jacob and Esther Drake were members of the Presbyterian faith.

Esther (Dickerson) Drake died on 3 October 1819 at Drakeville, Morris County, New Jersey.

Col. Jacob Drake died, also at Drakesville, at the age of 93 on 27 Nov 1823.

(all born at Drakesville, New Jersey)

  1. CLARISSA H. DRAKE was born 23 August 1783. She married Dr. Ebenezer Blachly Woodruff in 1805.

  2. Jacob B. Drake was born 5 May 1786.

  3. Hon. George King Drake was born 16 Sep 1788. He was a Judge of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. He married on 14 October 1815, Mary Alling Halsey (1795-1872). He died on 6 May 1837. They had the following children:

    • Edmund Burke Drake, b. 3 Dec 1817; d. 26 March 1836. Unmarried.
    • Eliza Halsey Drake, b. 26 May 1819; d. 23 May 1898. She married 25 May 1839, George K. Howell (d. 1851).
    • Ann Mackenzie Drake, b. 19 Sept 1821; d. 21 Sep 1880. She married 25 May 1841, Henry Gray Darcy (1814-1892). Their children were:
      • Mary Darcy. She married Hon. Edmund Drake Halsey (b. 11 Sept 1840; d. 17 Oct 1896).
      • Eliza Gray; married Edward Q. Keasbey.
      • Annie Darcy.
      • Henry M. Darcy; married Helen Barklie.
      • John Stevens Darcy.
      • There may be others.
    • Mary Louisa Drake, b. 30 Nov 1823; d. 20 Jan 1898. She married 23 May 1847, Judge Edward Wallace Scudder (1822-1893).

  4. Silas Drake was born 10 Apr 1790.

  5. Peter Drake was born 9 Apr 1792.

  6. Eliza Drake was born 4 Apr 1794. She married, on 2 Jan 1814, Dr. Absalom Woodruff (1791-1850) on 22 January 1814. At nineteen he went to Succasunna, Morris County, and for some 25 years was in partnership with his eldest brother, Dr. Ebenezer Blachly Woodruff (the husband of Eliza's elder sister, Clarissa), in Drakesville and neighboring Succasunna. After Eliza's death, Absalom married twice more; first, Elizabeth Riggs; and again, Joanna Nitel Johnes. Eliza bore Dr. Woodruff the following children:

    • Dr. Ebenezer Blachly Woodruff.
    • Absalom Blachly Woodruff.
    • Absalom Franklin Woodruff.
    • Mary Ann Woodruff.
    • Eliza Esther Woodruff.

Generation 7

CLARISSA H. DRAKE was born 23 Aug 1783. She married DR. EBENEZER BLACHLY WOODRUFF in 1805.

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Re. Robert Drake (Gen 1). Possibly the grandson of Robert Drake, the Martyr, Minister of Thundersley, County Essex, in England, who was burned at the stake in the reign of Queen Mary. See Savage's New England Genealogical Dictionary. Also, in my Drake files, I have a letter, dated 18 July 1988, and a hand-written family tree, from Marcella S. Whaley, 1270 Lakemont Dr., Pittsburg PA 15243; she referenced Henry R. Stiles' History of Windsor, Connecticut, pg. 177 footnotes.

Re: Robert Drake (Gen 1): Robert Drake (Gen 1). Seen online 20 August 2006.

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Re. Abraham Drake II (Gen 5) and Jacob Drake (Gen 6). Their names appear on a list of 18th Century Freeholders of "Roxberey" Township, in Morris County, New Jersey. The list was taken by John Ford, Sheriff of Morris Co, by order of the Supreme Court, on 31 August 1752. This list, in a little book, was one of eight such books, and were held in the Public Record Office, Division of the NJ State Library. The list appears on pages 59-65 of the abovementioned genealogical magazine.

Re. Abraham Drake II (Gen 5). Named in the will of his father, Abraham I ("WD 1759, WP 1763") New Jersey.

In re. Col. Jacob Drake (Gen 6). See Hon. Edmund D. Halsey, in Munsell's Morris County, p. 25.

Re. Jacob & Esther (Dickerson) Drake (Gen 6), all their children and grandchidren; and for Woodruff and Wick. First Presbyterian Cemetery, 99 Main St., Succasunna NJ 07876. Records and searches (1700s to present) are available onsite. See also, "The Combined Registers," First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, New Jersey (May 1883).


Re. Robert Drake (Gen 1): need location in Devonshire, England. Ships Records. Will: dated 5 May 1663; probated 11 Apr 1668.

First Settlers of Piscataway & Woodbridge (NJ):
Re. Francis Drake (Gen 2), see pp. 242, 326, 328-29, 414, 636-37, 764-65, 1176.
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Re. Abraham Drake I (Gen 4), and Abraham Drake II (Gen 5), see pp, 1075, 1176, 1177.

Re. Abraham Drake II (Gen 5). Get will. Information on Benjamin Hull (1731), married to Abraham's father's next youngest sibling, Sarah Drake. Hull was her first (of three) husbands. Who was Rachel Drake?

Re. Abraham Drake II (Gen 5). Get the Will of his father, Abraham I ("WD 1759, WP 1763") New Jersey, where he is named.

Re. Abraham Drake II (Gen 5). Locate wife (ca. 1729); and death (before 1759) in Piscataway or Drakesville (Roxbury Township) NJ.

"WD 1759, WP 1763". In regards to Abraham Drake II (Gen 5) being named in the will of his father, Abraham Drake I.

Morris County (NJ) Papers (1742). In regards to Col. Jacob Drake (Gen 6). Also, check “W. Bat. of Morris” and “1775 in Prov. Legis. (Dep)”.

More research needed on Charity Young and her daughter (born before 1776), who married a “Howell”. In regards to Col. Jacob Drake (Gen 6).


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