Generation 1
GEORGE SEXTON (mar. Catherine)

Generation 2
JAMES SEXTON SR. (mar. Anna Bancroft)

Generation 3
JAMES SEXTON JR. (mar. Abelenah Gilbert)

Generation 4
JASPER SAXTON (mar. Martha Keyes)

Generation 5
DIADAMA SAXTON (mar. William Sheldon Jr.)

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Generation 1


GEORGE SEXTON was most likely the emigrant ancestor of this family, but there is no record of his coming to America. He was probably born about 1618; the apparent ages of his sons would place his birth at not later than 1635.

The name Sexton (or Sexten) derives from “sexton” which was originally the officer in a church in charge of the sacred vessels and vestments. There has been considerable discussion as to the proper spelling of this surname. In the early records of George Sexton and his family the name was almost always spelled “Sexton”. After the family had scattered, many branches, either by accident or design, adopted the spelling "Saxton".

The Sextons of Limerick, Ireland, were Protestants and undoubtedly of English ancestry. During the siege of Limerick in 1651, some inhabitants fled to America, one of whom was George Sexton. There is the will of a “James Sexten, Lemerick, Burgess,” dated 14 December 1669 in the Irish probate records. Sons were George, Symen, Patrick, Joseph, Stephen, and a daughter Joane.


It has been said that George Sexton was a brother of Richard Sexton, who came to America, on the “Blessing” in 1635 and settled at Windsor. This seems unlikely, as the two families did not use the same names, very common in those early days. More likely, he was a nephew or even a more distant relative. George did live at Windsor for some time, but Savage states that he lived first at what later would be Westfield, and even had several children there before removing to Windsor.

If George Sexton was an Irish refugee, it would be easy to understand why the records of Windsor have so little to say concerning his presence there. At Windsor, the neighbors would have been partisans of Cromwell and hence potential enemies. Remaining quiet, he would be content to avoid further persecution than what he remembered from Ireland. It’s unlikely that he would join the church that wielded the tyranny from which he had barely escaped. Because of that, he was unable to become a freeman, or a citizen, of Windsor.

George married CATHERINE (-) at an unknown date and location. Her name could have been Cowing, or Bird; further research necessary.

On record in the deed book at Springfield, Massachusetts, is a deed dated 10 June 1663 which states that George was at that time a resident of Windsor. The deed was the purchase of two parcels of meadow and upland at Waronoco (after 1669, Westfield) from Thomas Cooper (or Cowper). When he settled at Waronoco/Westfield, he was one of the first three settlers at the place.

George lived in Waronoco/Westfield before it was planted, or founded. George Jr. was probably the firstborn, at Westfield, and then sons Joseph (1664) and Benjamin (1667) were also born there. Then George and Catherine removed to Windsor where they had several children. At Windsor, his son John was supposedly born in 1673 at Windsor. The above is according to Savage. Here is where I have difficulty. Savage continues that the permanent move from Westfield to Windsor occurred some time between 1663 and 1666.

If George bought land in Westfield in 1663 and removed there between 1663-1667, then why is the child John said to have been born at Windsor in 1673? This does not make sense to me, and I believe Savage’s data is incorrect.

According to the Journal of Rev. John Ballantine, George’s son Benjamin died in 1754 at age 88, and was the first white child born at Westfield. This would put George’s presence there at 1666-1667.

At Westfield, on 24 September 1678, he and his wife were called before the county court for “abusive words and actions to Samuel Root, constable.”

Catherine Sexton was admitted to the church at Westfield on 13 July 1682; but George seems never to have become a member of the church in New England. And no record has been discovered showing that he had his children baptized at Windsor or Westfield.

By the 1680s, debts mounting, he had to mortgage his lands and crops. Then, on 25 January 1687/88, he sold his housing and lands at Westfield for £160 to his sons, Joseph and Benjamin.


Catherine Sexton died at Westfield on 19 September 1689.

George Sexton died in Westfield about a year later, some time before 30 October 1690. He left an estate valued at £49, 10 sh.


The birth order of the children is uncertain; and there may have been other children not recorded. I purposely leave out the probable or possible places where the children were born as the available data seems incorrect, sketchy and subject. Other accounts of the children exist, but I have chosen to list the children according to what was published in the Early History of Saxton-Sexton Family.

  1. George Sexton was born in 1658. He is said to have married, about 1679, Hannah Spencer. They were living at Newton, Long Island in October of 1690.

  2. JAMES SEXTON SR. was born in 1660. He married thrice. Our ancestress was his second wife, Anna Bancroft, and they married on 22 January 1702, at Springfield.

  3. Daniel Sexton was born in 1662. He married on 28 Dec 1680 to Sarah Bancroft, dtr. of John and Hannah (Draper) Bancroft, and removed to Long Island, probably before 1687. Of Smithtown, Long Island, he sold land at Springfield, Mass., by deed 25 Apri 1743. Had six children. He died in 1710.

  4. Capt. Joseph Sexton was born 3 February 1664. He married on 20 November 1690, Hannah Wright, dtr. of Abel Wright of Springfield. They lived at Enfield, Connecticut and had six children He died 3 May 1742; she died 26 Nov 1742, both at Enfield.

  5. Benjamin Sexton was born 10 December 1667. He married Mrs. Mary (Strong) Pixley on 13 July 1717. They had two children. According to the Journal of Rev. John Ballantine, “April 8, 1754, died Benjamin Sexton, aged 88, who was the first white person born in the town.” His wife died 17 April 1759. Benjamin was the youngest son of the original George and remained in Westfield while the other sons moved away. The old homestead was at what was known as "Little River," near Westfield and the house was used as a fort and refuge from the Indians in the early days, as it was strongly built. This place was occupied by four successive descendants named Benjamin Saxton, the last one died in 1858, being great-great-grandson of the original George.

  6. John Sexton was born 26 May 1673; probably died young.

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Generation 2

JAMES SEXTON SR. was born in 1660 probably at Windsor. He may have been older than his brother George. Early in life he removed with his parents to Westfield, and spent the remainder of his life there.

On 29 April 1680, James married first, Hannah Fowler, the daughter of Ambrose and Jane (Alvord) Fowler. She was born on 20 December 1654 at Windsor, Connecticut, and died at Westfield on 20 March 1700 (another reference states death occurred on 10 March 1701).

James married, secondly, ANNA BANCROFT, on 22 January 1702, at Springfield. Anna was the widow of Thomas Gilbert. She was born on 5 May 1663, the daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Wright) Bancroft.

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She died 10 March 1733 (another reference says 16 March 1733).

The banns were published on 19 January 1734 for his third marriage, to Mary Burbank, widow of both Lazarus Miller and William McCrannay, which marriage took place on 11 February 1734. She was the daughter of John and Susanna (Merrill) Burbank, and was baptized on 24 June 1666 at Rowley. She died 16 December 1740 at Westfield.

James's death occurred at Westfield on 12 December 1741.


Again, I am using the Early History of Saxton-Sexton Family as my reference for the birth years of the children. This resource does not list the birth of Catherine.

  1. John Sexton born on 28 January 1680 at Westfield.

  2. Hannah Sexton was born 29 October 1683 at Westfield. She married on 22 June 1710, John Harmon. She died 25 Dec 1757.

  3. Phebe Sexton was born on 7 January 1686 at Westfield. She married on 3 November 1711, as his second wife, John Pyncheon. She died 17 Oct 1722.

  4. Elizabeth Sexton was born on 5 February 1688 at Westfield; and died 7 May 1689.

  5. Mary (or Mercy) Sexton was born on 26 December 1695 at Westfield. Intentions of her marriage to James Burt were published on 6 November 1725.


  1. JAMES SEXTON JR. was born on 9 November 1702 at Westfield, Massachusetts. He married Abilena Gilbert.

  2. Catherine Saxton. She married on 8 May 1735, Samuel Loomis. They moved in 1745 to Sheffield, Massachusetts.

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Generation 3

JAMES SEXTON JR. was born at Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, on 9 November 1702.

He married ABILENA GILBERT on 8 June 1728. She was born on 10 March 1710/11 (a twin with Sarah) at Lebanon, Connecticut, the daughter of Samuel and Mercy (Warner) Gilbert.

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They lived at Westfield until 1742, moving that year to Sheffield, Massachusetts. They were among the earliest settlers there.

As early as 1742, he bought property from Samuel Harmon in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Mass., which was the north parish of Sheffield.

On 28 December 1743, James and four other young men started a church, the 1st Congregational Church of Great Barrington, with the young Yale graduate, Dr. Samuel Hopkins (aged 22) who was minister there for 26 years. The early membership list included James Sexten, who was affiliated on 24 December 1743. He was dismissed on 14 August 1746.


Abilenah Gilbert Saxton died at Sheffield on 3 June 1774, in her 66th year. /1/

Abilene Gilbert Saxton, d.1783
Photo by Donna (Strout) Sakaske (used by permission).

Here lies ye / Body of Mrs. / Abelena, ye wife of
Mr. James Saxton / who died June ye 3,
1774, in ye 66 year of Her Age

Behold andse as you / Pas by as you are / Now so once was I
As I am now so you / Must be prepared for / Death to follow me.

James Saxton died at Sheffield on 12 June 1783, at Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. /2/

Photo by Donna (Strout) Sakaske (used by permission).

Bow Wow Cemetery, tilted stones, by Fred Saar on Findagrave
Photo by Fred Saar (used by permission).


  1. James Saxton III was born 5 September 1729 at Westfield. He married Sarah Noble (the sister of Hannah Noble Sheldon), the daughter of Capt. Elisha Noble of Sheffield. They had eight children. He died 24 March 1793 (from an old Bible at Shelburne, Vermont).

  2. Abigail Saxton was born 5 June 1731 at Westfield. She mar. 9 August 1750, Capt. John Huggins.

  3. Anna Saxton was born 28 April 1733 at Westfield. She mar. in November 1752, John Old.

  4. Mercy Saxton was born 25 September 1735 at Westfield. She mar. Cyrus Brookins.

  5. William Saxton was born 1 January 1737 at Westfield; died in December 1755.

  6. JASPER SAXTON was born 14 February 1739 at Westfield. He married Martha Keyes.

  7. Asher Saxton was born 5 March 1741 at Westfield.

  8. Ebenezer Saxton was born 3 August 1743 at Sheffield. He died 12 June 1745.

  9. Desire Saxton was born 12 June 1746 at Sheffield.

  10. Frederick Saxton was born 22 May 1748 at Sheffield. He died at Shelburne, Vermont, on 28 April 1796, where he drowned in Lake Champlain while attempting to cross the lake to take a boat load of grain to mill. He served in the Revolution and settled in Burlington, Vermont, about 1783, and is said to have built the first house there. /3/

  11. Rhoda Saxton was born 10 August 1751 at Sheffield.

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Generation 4

JASPER SAXTON was born 14 February 1739 at Westfield. He married MARY KEYES, daughter, possibly, of Elias and Keziah Keyes. Her name could possibly be Martha Keyser.


Jasper bought land in Sheffield from his brother, James, on 27 December 1762 and on 21 August 1766. Between 1762 and 1774, James sold land twice to another brother, Frederick Saxton, and to many others.

December 3, 1762
Know all men by these presents that I, James Saxton of Sheffield in the County of Berkshire in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Yeoman, for an in consideration of Two Hundred Pounds current money of the Province of this Massachusetts Bay, to me in Hand before the [..] hereof by Jasper Saxton of Sheffield aforesaid, the receipt whereof I dow [sic] acknowledge and am fully satisfied contented and paid have granted, sold, alienated and confirmed to and with the abovesaid Jasper Saxton one certain Tract or parcel of land lying and being in the Township of Sheffield containing One Hundred and Twenty Ackers bounded as followeth: firstly, one fifty acker lot, on which the House stands bounded South on the Ministrry lands, East on common land, North on Aaron Gawdeners [Gardner’s] land extending West by Gawdiners land so far as my land goes and so far down the Brook as to make One Hundred and Twenty ackers.”

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the before granted premises with the appurtenances thereto belonging to him the said Jasper Saxton, his Heirs and Assigns forever, & I the said James Saxton my Heirs administrators and executors do covenant and promise to and with the said Jasper Saxton that before and until the executing hereof I am the Lawful Possessor of the above said Premises and have in myself good, and lawful authority to sell ane confirm the same and I dow by these Presents Warrant and Secure the Same against the lawful Claim of any person or persons from by or under me whatsoever. In Witness whereof I have hearunto set my Hand and Seal this Twenty Fuerst[?] Day of December in the Third Year of His Majesty’s Reign Anno Domini 1762 —

Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us: Isaac Fosbury[?] Cyrus Brookins

James Saxton & Seal

Berkshire, Great Barrington, Dec. 27, 1762; James Sexton of Sheffield acknowledged the foregoing Instrument to be his free Act and Deed.

Joseph Dweight, Just’ce of the Peace

Dec. 27th, 1762, Rec’d. And Recorded from the Original,

Mark Hopkins, Reg’r.


Jasper served in several militias as a sergeant in 1777 and 1780.

First, he was Sergeant, in Lieut. Jeremiah Hickok’s company, Col. John Ashley’s regiment. He entered service 6 July 1777 and was discharged 27 July 1777. Service was for 22 days. The company marched to Kingsbury 6 July 1777, at the request of Maj. Gen. Schuyler and the roll was sworn to in Berkshire County, Mass.

Then he served in Capt. John Spoor’s company, Col. John Ashley’s (Berkshire Co.) regiment. He entered service on 19 Sept 1777 and was discharged 19 Oct 1777. Service was 31 days. The company marched to Stillwater and the roll was certified at Sheffield, Mass., by Brig. Gen. John Fellows.

Last, he served in Capt. Enoch Noble’s company, Col. John Ashley Jr.’s (Berkshire Co.) regiment. He was engaged on 15 Oct 1780, and was discharged on 17 Oct 1780. He was in this service for 4 days. The company marched to the Northward by order of Brig. Gen. Fellows on an alarm at the time Forts George and Ann were taken by the enemy The roll was sworn to at Sheffield, Berkshire County, Mass.


Jasper Saxton died on 28 May 1798 at Sheffield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Jasper Saxton is buried in the Bow Wow Cemetery at Sheffield, Berkshire County, Mass. /4/

This Monument is
erected to perpetuate
the memory of Mr.
Jasper Saxton
who departed this life
May 28th, 1798
aged 58 years.

Photo by Karen Kellogg (used by permission).

There are a few other photographs of the tombstone, at the bottom of this page.

In 1800, Martha Saxton was in Bloomfield, New York, and appeared in the federal census on the same page with sons Philander Saxton, Asher Saxton, and her son-in-law, William Sheldon (husband of her daughter Diadema Saxton). /5/


  1. John Saxton was born on 11 March 1760 at Sheffield. He was buried 23 February 1839.

  2. Asher Saxton was born on 3 April 1762 at Sheffield. He mar. Olive Bacon. He died on 6 Mar 1848 at Monroe, Monroe Co MI.

  3. Frederick Saxton was born on 17 November 1764 at Sheffield. /6/

  4. DIADAMA SAXTON was born on 5 April 1767 at Sheffield. She married William Sheldon Jr., of Sheffield.

  5. Lucina Saxton was born on 12 August 1769 at Sheffield. She mar. Nathaniel Egleston and removed to Ontario County, New York.

  6. Philander Saxton was born on 16 October 1772 at Sheffield.

  7. Daniel Saxton was born on 11 January 1775 at Sheffield.

  8. Phebe Saxton was born on 31 December 1777 at Sheffield. She mar. Philip Eastman.

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Generation 5

DIADAMA SAXTON was born on 5 April 1767 at Sheffield, Massachusetts. She married WILLIAM SHELDON JR., of Sheffield. Not much is further known about her at this time. They seem to have kept a quiet profile in their community.

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/1/ The Gilbert genealogy states that Abilena died on June 3 of 1774 in her 66th year. If that is correct, she would have been born in 1708/09, and the marriage of her parents must be put earlier. But the date of her birth here (1710-11) is believed to be correct. See also Saxton-Rea: An American Family and Its Ancestors.

The Find A Grave Memorial #69040481 for Abilena Saxton Sheldon was created 28 April 2011 by Mark Wing. Photo of her tombstone by Donna (Strout) Sakaske, used by permission.

/2/ The Gilbert genealogy states the date of death James Saxton was 31 Oct 1756, or 12 June 1783. It is not stated why there is such a disparity in the two possible dates of death. Abilena's brother, John, remained childless and left, in his will, legacies to his brothers and sisters, among whom are "the heirs of Abilena Sexton, deceased." It is necessary to locate the will of brother John, to see when that will was dated; might help in placing her death date.

A Find A Grave Memorial #80326918 for James Saxton was created 12 Nov 2011 by Donna (Strout) Sakaske; photo of tombstone also by her (used by permission).

Both James and Abilena (Gilbert) Saxton were buried at the Bow Wow Cemetery, in Sheffield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Photo of the tilted tombstones in the Bow Wow graveyard, compliments of Fred Saar (used by permission).

/3/ There’s a great article written about Frederick Saxton (and his nephew, Frederick the Younger, written by Silvio Bedini, entitled “Compass & Chain: The Saxton Surveyors Who Drowned”, which appeared in American Surveyor in May of 2004.

/4/ The Find A Grave Memorial #698040482 in memory of Jasper Saxton was added 28 Apr 2011 by Mark Wing. Tombstone photo was added by Karen Kellogg (used by permission). I hope to locate Jasper’s Will in the Sheffield, Massachusetts, as a town record notes “son John - 7 May 1798 - adm.” And a further note near that is “B. Pr. #1929".

/5/ See the 1800 U.S. census, Bloomfield, Ontario Co NY, pp. 396-97.

/6/ There is a great article about Frederick Saxton and his uncle, entitled “Compass & Chain: The Saxton Surveyors Who Drowned”, by Silvio A. Bedini (May 2004). The section about this Frederick (“the Younger”) is on page 4 of this PDF file, and the section is entitled “Frederick the Younger”, on pg. 4 of the article.


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Berkshire County, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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Sheffield, Massachusetts:
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Birth Records, Town of Sheffield.

Probate Records: Check probate records for Jasper Saxton as a town record notes “son John - 7 May 1798 - adm.” And a further notes near that is “B. Pr. #1929".

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Dozens of selected pages of the book are on the web at Memorial Hall Museum, Old Deerfield, Mass.

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Home Page, Connecticut State Library.

Jasper Saxton’s entire, beautiful, tombstone.

Jasper Saxton, his mother and father, James & Abilena Saxton
L-R: Jasper Saxton, his mother Abilenah (Gilbert) Saxton,
And his father James Saxton. Both photos by
Donna Sakaske (used by permission).

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